Daze of Love

Daze of Love

There is no book you can read or movie you can see or song you can listen, to feel what I do until you DO! I can’t teach you how, or why, but I can definitely share with you my experience! 

 I drove home in a total daze and a huge grin on my face. My eyes were building up tears and I could not stop smiling. My whole body, inside out was in a state of floating peace. It was so beautiful, and scary in the same time! It was new! I did not taste this before! Is this real? What is happening to me? The more I involved my brain to understand, the more confused I became! I took a few deep breaths, and allowed myself to feel! I let it fill me, let it embrace and cover my soul with candor.

 Think about this! How are you moving through life? 

You move, I move, We move
You move, I move, We move

 Every day, every minute, every second that goes by, you move through life. Every emotion, every taught, every word that you whisper, you move through life. Everything you do, you move through your life! What if I told you to STOP! 

 Yes! … STOP and listen! 

 To what?! You ask…. To the words I am saying …. What if I told you everything you’ve done so far, it was wrong! 


 Because You don’t move through life, you use life to move through!

 Oh My! What is she talking about?!

 Let’s digest this a bit.

 When you move through life, you are not in control! You are a prisoner of your life! You let everything around control you, change you on different levels through different experiences because you can’t do anything about it.

You are your own prisoner
You are your own prisoner!

Right?! You have no control over anything that happens; your boss, the traffic you are stuck in, the wait time at DMV, the food being delivered cold by your waitress, the screaming baby in the plane and the list can go on. You believe you can’t do anything to change these circumstances so, you move through life hoping your day will get better.

 You are so wrong! Let me ask you something?!

 Are you doing anything to improve your day besides letting it affect you on the deepest levels?

 Don’t even bother because your answer is screaming in my head.  And that is NO!!!!

 May I ask WHY?

 Allow me please to tell you how I approach similar situations.

 When you consciously chose not to let these circumstances change your perspective on the things happening around you, when you accept that you are in control of your own perceptions and taught and the way you view the events unfolding, a sense of peace settles in. Believe it or not, you will accept your boss, you will accept you are stuck in traffic, therefore it’s not a dread anymore. You accept you will have to wait hours at DMV just to put a fake smile on your face for the new driver’s license and the wait will not seem that long.  You accept the cold food delivered to you because you control YOU! So, what if it’s cold? At least I have food I can eat!  You accept the screaming baby in the plane because it’s a baby! You use the life around you to move through on your terms! You regain control over yourself by acknowledging you are in control! No outside factor can change that!

 Love is no different! When you actually let yourself feel it! 

 You don’t move through love, you use love to move through! 

Now, is all you have! Love it!
The NOW, is all you have! Love it!

 Ok! Here she goes again!

 I’m sure you’ve heard all kind of definitions and different opinions and perspectives, as I did, of love,  based on everyone’s opinion that you’ve heard it from. I will not go into that kind of detail. I am not dismissing any of them either! They are all true! But what I felt,  and still feel, is beyond love the way majority perceive it.

 From my personal perspective, there is no limit to love! Love requires no condition to operate through you! If you tell someone or someone tells you:

          I love you because you are smart

          I love you because you have big hips

          I love you because you call me back

          I love you because you always like my posts

          I love you because you like Taco Bell

          Because you race cars

          Because you paint your nail purple

 That does not sound like Love to me! It sounds more like trading objects! You trade the object love, on Taco Bell! Here! Take my love because you have big hips and you work at Taco Bell! So, if my hips were small and I was working at Chick Fil A, what then?! No Love?

 There shouldn’t be any requirement to love and be loved! No steps to be taken, no test to pass to earn love! If someone tells me “You don’t deserve my love” what they are saying is that I don’t fulfill a set of expectations that they made for themselves for me to fit in. I am not in the mold they created in order to give me that love, therefore they limit the natural ability to love. They put conditions!

Love should not hurt!
Love should not hurt!

 Love based on conditions, brings only disappointment and pain because it’s not my responsibility to make you happy, so you can love me! It’s not my responsibility to do everything YOU consider right, regardless of my own opination, so I can earn your love! It’s not my responsibility to fulfill your every wish to prove my love to you, therefore I can be worthy of your love!

 Unconditional Love is pure! Is majestic, it does not care if you call me or not, if you bring me flowers or not, if you buy me the most expensive diamond ring or the BMW M3 that you’ve custom ordered for me in my favorite color and with my favorite features, or both! (Now if that was to happen, is definitely a bonus! 🙂 )Unconditional love does not expect anything back, does not want anything back! It only knows to give! Give and give and give some more because that is it’s purpose! This kind of love has no limit! And, it does not limit itself only amongst humans! Plants, animals, planets, trees, the whole universe is included!

 Maybe I will give you some points from my own practice after all! 😊

Start with yourself!

I am all of that!
I am all of that!

 If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to do that? If you don’t see all the wonderful and unique qualities and flaws about yourself and accept them as YOU, how can you put that responsibility on someone else’s shoulders and then blame them that you are not loved, or you cannot love because of them! It’s not them, it’s you! Once you accepted every pore of your body and every cell inside your body as your own and you love them, a sense of overflow will come down on you! You will feel like a glass of water that keeps filling until it reached the top and now, the water pours over and spreads around forming a small puddle that keeps growing and growing and spreading because the glass keeps filling from within. When you get to that point, its game over! Love took over completely and touches things and people around you. There is an unlimited resource of it inside you! All you have to do is lift the veil of expectations and the conditions you have set!

 At this point some of you will say…. But … what if I get hurt? What if I love this way and people don’t answer with the same feeling towards me?

 Who cares?!?!?! Who are you trying to make happy?! That is not your job! You need to make yourself happy so you can have everyone else enjoy your happiness!

That question “What if I get hurt” comes out of Fear!  Fear is the biggest enemy there is! You don’t love them for them! You love them for yourself! You don’t forgive them for them, you forgive them for yourself! You don’t admire them for them, you admire them for yourself! You don’t smile for them you smile for yourself! And believe me when I say! They will notice! Sonner or later, they will feel that you cannot be touched by anything but Love! Your genuine power is in your ability to Love and it flows through you and outside you from the deepest corners of your soul!

 Now tell me this!

 Wouldn’t you want to feel Love instead of anger, envy, sorrow, suspicion, jealousy?!

Let Love flow like water!
Let Love flow trough you like water!

 Than feel it! Your gift to the world is what you are! if you are happy with what you are, that’s your gift! Turn upon yourself and become strong so you can be a gift to others!

 When love guides your every step, every step you take will be covered with diamonds and you will truly use love to move through!

 Don’t second guess love because of the circumstances. When Love springs in your heart, beautiful things are bound to happen, and it will open doors to more Love all around you!

 Imagine flowers that are always blooming,

Imagine birds that sing and make the music,

Imagine stars that shine on endless rainbows,

Imagine hearts that unify the nations.


I want to give all that I am

To love in you and love itself.

I am immortal, infinite and universal.

And what I am, I am indeed my vision!


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